Monday, October 5, 2009

F1 party!! followed by SSAS 2009...

This year f1...

Are u all waiting for the post of what did i do during the 3 days of f1??

Im neither working as a f1 grid girls nor am i working for the one at spore flyer due to the missing of casting.

But still.... nevertheless....

I'm involved in f1, getting to work while watching the actual race, having fun with friends n the ppl there.

Supposed to work for the 26-27th midnite event for f1 which was held at amber lounge.. Contract were even signed with the agent. But due to the clashes of my another evening job on the 27th f1 night, i immediately call up the agent n told her that i cant work. Luckily she just said she will get a replacement to replace me instead of any breaching of contract even when the date is getting near.

So what am i actually working for? I'm working with other companies n im very grateful to my friends n the agent for the job. Because of their intro n sending in of profile, i get to work for f1!!:)) cuz the job is nt from me, i wouldnt know who else were selected till the day itself.

26th sept -- met up with bernice sweet for dinner at raffles city pizza place. We had a heart to heart talk:)) after tat, we headed over to fairmont szechuan court to look for the in charge n had dinner with the vips.:) There were tv screens showing the live of the f1 race.. Just as we were intending to catch the real race live, one of the client suggested to go up to the balcony where all of us could catch it with our own eyes. I even took pic of the racetrack when the f1 drivers were having their rehearsal..

At bout 11pm, the designated driver came over n pick everyone of us up n off we headed to st james.. Its all about party, party n party n get paid on the spot. VEry slacking job indeed esp when i gt bernice sweet to acc me too. The other 2 girls were very nice n friendly as well, just that i don really know them so we didn get to chat much. Work ended at 3am n off we went home.

27 sept -- work for the f1 night party at butter:)) proudly brought to u by the BAT~ only 6 girls were selected for this event.(feliza, amy, yijin, n one more girl). me n huirong worked with their co once, thats y we were glad to be able to work with them again:)

Met up with HR n we took the same train down to butter. Suddenly, i realised that i've forgotten to bring my black boots with me. I started to panick cuz thats so impt for today's event. I immediately called up to see if my bro is able to bring down for me. in between, there's arguement between us etc..

Finally, the last agreement make him travel down to pass me my boots, but i gt reprimanded by the agent n in charge too:((

Our jobscope is pretty easy.. More towards roaming around fash n interacting with the vips there.. Not only that, there is also wii games. We were engage to get the crowds to try out the game.. Buffet time!!!

Presentation n quiz n answer time.. Me n Hr were asked to carry the Yes n NO box n to walk around the whole place, giving a chance to the vips to drop their answer coupon in there. There are also magic shows presented to u by our one n only female magician. We even get to catch the live of the f1 race throughout..

total there is 61 laps, n the winner is none other than our lewis hamilton!! When the result is out. everyone began to clap:D

The best part of the event is the paid on the spot again!! I always love job which they pay u right after the job ends. At least u wont have to chase after pay or even rmb that u haven receive any pay yet:))

28/9-- shopping at fareast. bought a jacket from best of blogshop. vivo for briefing. met w for dinner. we had a 8 course meal at crystal jade dining. movie with ken. we catch inglorious bastard. 3 hrs long. Quite boring i can say that. Headed down to illuma suite for k singing till 2am with fang darling. I love their suite whereby they got a very big sofa bed for u with blankets provided just in case u r cold.

29/9-- work in office with my sis followed by attending a birthday celebration at the pines-country club for a friend's birthday.

3 days of SSA 2009

30/9-- work for the safety n security asia 2009 corporate event at suntec convention together with the president's secretary til 6pm.

had dinner at kenny's roger with w.

1/10-- happy children day!! miss the day of childhood where there r holidays. work, dinner with don, audrey n joyce, followed by fash.

Robin came down with his boss. saw marcus at sim bash. quite a few familiar faces again...

believe in what u see, judge for yourself... DONT Assume!!true colours can be seen over the times.. instead of catching a wink, emootional breakdown=="Watery" eyes

2/10-- Cabbed down to work for the exhibition n realise that im all alone till 3pm.

Left at 4pm to rush down to vivo marche for the oktoberfest 2009. My working partner is none other than sijie, a very sweet looking girl that the co hired too.

met up with tommy n kayson for mandy's birthday at birdie putt. Upon seeing the crowds there, i was stunned.. None of them i know at the party except mandy. Stayed only a while as everyone were waiting for kerson to reach, but as it was too boring n the cutting cake gotta be 12am. we did tht of switching to dblo instead. Ended up all went home. Got home by 12am.

3/10-- work for the last day of the oktober fest before meeting my long lost sis for dinner at a chinese restaurant.

trained down to ps to meet fang n her bf n we cabbed down to phuture. Saw a lot of friends in there. Esp darren tan sze wei too. We had a few drinks n chats.. Not only that i saw my facebook friend n also vincent my friend. Was with the darell, wei rong n sherwin cliques till 4am. saw shino n gilbert they all too..

4/10-- movie with sherwin at illuma. we caught surrogates after having dinner at the jap restaurant. I love the menu where u can order the food just by using the magic pen to press on the button itself..

Headed to Mos burger after movie to wait for CX to come n pick me up. chilling out at dempsey with cheng xi. We had a great chat afterall:))


[[candy`]] said...

darling, i love your bridal shoot ;)
&the other time i didn't manage to find you at comex! kerien said she saw you though. hahah.
btw, if got any jobs, sms me? i'm broke ><
anyway, see you soon!(:

gillian said...

sorry dear!! havent been feeling that good mentally so didn blog at all.. tts y i just saw ur comment now:) hope its nt too late..

OOHHHH!!! yup, she told me that both of u r working tog. same here!! im nt having much lobang too anyway. if have i will update u one. rest assure k?:))

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