Thursday, October 22, 2009

best of blogshops!!


Hi dudes n babes!! im back to blogging after so long!!:) rest assure that i didn MIA-ed.. just pretty busy with other stuffs n schwk. thats all.. Anyway, here is a back-dated posts which i've been looking forward to esp the pictures.. Finally esther had updated. So here i grabbed it from her blog to show everyone else:))

BEST OF BLOGSHOPS FASHIONSHOW. Was invited, Thanks to esther for inviting me to join her to catch this awesome fashion show which was held at fareast..

Cus of this runway, i was sort of their regulars now. Bought one dress n a chic jacket from them recently... Shopped around with esther, and I actually bought a new pair of killer heels which was similar to what she was wearing tt day. (mine was in white).

Grabbed from esther's blog~~ Photo copyrighted... credit to this babe:) The fashion show starts! Front seats with Tammy :) The host. Here are some of the shots that i took. There are also some other designs that are really pretty! Gege and her model. Gege is now CovetRunway. Ohvola owners and their model. Final. Went to have Din Tai Fung afterwards. love their drunken chicken.

14/10-- its Marcus birthday last night!!! headed down to phuture to help him celebrate his birthday.. saw douglas they all once again n nt to forget allan n his friends too. my sim friends, joshua n his friends.. Had lots of fun with M. But nth can really express how i feel too after tt night. ANW, tThanks to allan for sending me home:) So long didn get to see him le. 15/10-- headed down for a corporate video shoot audition. home for dinner. met up with zun for arcade. n a short chill out at JP. I heart playing with drums n basketball.. Its a must for me whenever i stepped into the arcade. 16/10-- its indeed frightening to know that someone is trying to manipulate ur life. soho tonight for the model's night!! i had a long heart to heart talk with mummy.. we had a believe in the bible that our life n death is destined.. Just be urself n always follow ur heart!! Travel to janelle's hse n waited for louis to arrive to send us down to the central for a late dinner before walking over to soho. Tonight's soho is nt fun at all, nt much ppl one. so we club hop over to phuture to look for lena n her friends instead. 18/10-- watch "ORPHAN" online today.. Its a thriller!!!! i was terrified by certain scene indeed. 19/10-- spent my whole afternoon studying at ps starbucks with baby!! She was facebooking n doing other stuff while im reading my notes.. dinner with jevin at his place with his brother who is so shy, kept hiding inside the room. We watched ch.8 till 12am in the living room. 20/10-- lunch appt with kerien n jimmy today at xing wang cafe. then haircut again at twister by kason. I wanna cut bangs, but kason dun dare to do it for me. sigh! 21/10-- its a long long day today. Early noon i headed dwn to collect my pay cheque for the oktoberfest event then follow by going back to office to work at 3pm. There will be a closed door event at night By the HP. Girls whom is working included me, kerien, kit n aki. Its a 2 hrs midnight job from 10-12am where we gotta walked around level 3 n take pictures with the shoppers. Sigh, but tings just dun go the way we expected it to be. Its simply screwed up. Nth to mention. 22/10-- Im on MC today. Went to see the doctor today to get my medicine n at the same time went to buy lunch. Took a afternoon nap till 8pm. Catch polo boys while having my dinner, n here i am blogging everything that is happening in my life.

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