Friday, October 16, 2009

mixed feelings~

Before the shoot~ Shots that i love esp the lightings!!:) Mixed feeling!! i know what i actually want. but its just that i cant read their mind... sigh sigh~ hopefully god can give me an answer. 5/10-- a date with V the evan yo look alike. I like his dimples. Right after work, we met up and went to paragon's ding tai fung for dinner. After dinner, we caught phobia 2 again. Although its the second time i watch, but the feeling is diff. Perhaps i really fall for... Sigh. anyway, he will be enlisting after 48 hrs. 6/10-- phobia 2( X3).. today is my third time watching P2. Tis time round is with marcus at jp. We watch it in the evening before going for our late dinner at fish n co. Somehow the feeling is rite too.. but after the psychology test, i realise sth. sigh sigh again~ 7/10-- met up with vivian my elder sis for dinner at jp japanese restaurant n did some shopping before home sweet home.. Both of us bought new bags:) 8/10-- a one day getaway to destress!! Woke up late n prepare myself for the trip with kerien n w. Went out of town n gt dere at 12.30pm before we headed to grilled restaurant for our brunch. After brunch, kerien went to do her mani n pedicure while i went to shop around. Soon at bout 5pm, she was done n we cont to shop again.. Bought a lot of stuffs but ended up i lost it in the cab while returning back to spore. Sad~~ Met up with D n fang at illuma for a short chill out while waiting for ken to arrive. Kerien n her bf went to catch movie instead at 9pm. So after ken arrive, 4 of us went to play arcade before heading over for a pool session. Supper before sending D to his friend's birthday celebration n home sweet home. 9/10-- is home alone doing some tidying up of the entire house, starting from the rooms:)) went out to meet audrey at fareast n we had hans for our early dinner before cabbing down to vivo for the movie"500 days with summer" then off to ph with her. Saw jill n her bf there etc.. ken n calvin, desmond, nick they all. 10/10-- went cityplaza to shop with kerien n ken. soho after that.. polica raids.. the first time~ 11/10-- Catch darah with kel at PS.. i hate bloody scene!!!:(( it simply make me lost all my appetite n couldnt even dare to shut my eyes after tt as i can see darah images kept on flashing in my mind==C

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