Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All about work! worned out!

Sorry for the lacking of posts... Guessed im really slow in updatting my posts. I know that many would aredi have known about the news of michael jackson earlier on, but still i wanna share this piece with everyone esp when i came across some of his debut album songs:) A tribute to Michael Jackson Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009), dubbed the "King of Pop", was an American recording artist and highly successful entertainer. With his trademark black fedora and single, sequinned glove, his unique contributions to music and dance, along with a highly publicized personal life, made him a central part of popular culture around the world for four decades. Michael Jackson, defined in equal parts as the world’s greatest entertainer and perhaps its most enigmatic figure, was about to attempt one of the greatest comebacks of all time. Then his life was cut shockingly — and so far, mysteriously — short. The 50-year-old musical superstar died Thursday, just as he was preparing for what would be a series of 50 concerts starting July 13 at London’s famed 02 arena. Jackson had been spending hours and hours toiling with a team of dancers for a performance he and his fans hoped would restore his tarnished legacy to its proper place in pop. An autopsy was planned for Friday, though results were not likely to be final until toxicology tests could be completed, a process that could take several days and sometimes weeks. However, if a cause can be determined by the autopsy, they will announce the results, said Los Angeles County Coroner Investigator Jerry McKibben. HIS MUSIC WILL LIVE FOREVER!! Vivian asked me one question which suddenly strike my mind:- As we all know that britney spears is known as the "queen of pop". With her popularity, will she also be remembered n having such a grand funeral if one day she will be gone? My ans is: yes she would since she's still launching her albums now n definitely much popular too:)) For the past 1wk, Its been a hectic and happening week for me. Everyday seemed to be so fun n fulfilling. I haven really had time to sit down and settle all my unfinished task. All still in a mess. Likewise, my blog is also with no update yet. So today, im going to post all at one go without much photos too till i received them:)) 7/7-- work was fun in office today as edi is back. We had a fun time chatting while working together. Till the clock struck 630pm aredi i also didn realise. We had pontiam wanton noodle n dessert today for lunch. Knocked off at 630pm and home for dinner. 8/7-- Thanks to sophia for the intro.. Worked for tang's closed door event at orchard today together with edith, ariel for the pm slot. Morning slot was min er, joanna n valerie. Our jobscope was to station at the main entrance n to check the membership of the tang's member. Its collaborating with citibank to hold a mini sales just specially for all their members. Had my dinner at 7.30pm when darling audrey came down after her work at vivo to acc me for dinner. WE went over to fareast n i ordered the fishball kway teow soup. Just then, G called n asked if im free at night. Dear audrey said she wanna go out despite there's only one choice of movie left for us to watch. So waited for G to come pick us up from town to PH n DF. He n his friends just wanna go dwn n finish up the bottle of hennesy that they still left. Stayed till 2am before we called it a day. Slept less than 3 hrs n i gotta wake up n prepare myself for the breadtalk event later on. Breadtalk 9th anniversary!! 9/7 Thanks to cheryl who told me about this event. I was selected together with joanna, ariel n hui yi as their bandit girl. Jobscope is super easy too. Just giving away bread to the morning crowd. As breaktalk is actually celebrating their 9th birthday anniversary. Report at amk by 745am to change out and by 830am we went to TPY hub. Work ended by 930am. Host for the day was 91.3-the thunder boy!! Reached home by 10.30am n i slept till 1pm. Woke up to have my lunch n off for my nap again till 7pm. Dinner time now!! Sleeping by 11pm tonight:)) 10/7 Its a happening friday. Right after event, i rushed down to meet darling kerien n her friend as we intend to go in malaysia to shop n do pedicure after the discussion ytd night:). Its my first time travelling out of spore with friends again. Initially we wanted to wait till kerien's friend knocked off then send us in. Bt by then it will be quite late already. So without hesitation, we went in on our own first. To city square n Holiday Plaza.. Gosh. i spent nearly 450 RM there for their pretty heels n wedges plus two tops n one dress. All r of limited stock. They came just the only piece which is what i always wanted:)).. Bought a coach wristlet and also LV wallet as well. Thanks to my darling who kept helping me to foot the bill first. Love her lots.. As its kinda last min, i didn have time to change any currency. At bout 3pm, her friend came n drove us back. 4pm reach spore custom. Kerien n I then went down to collect our hsbc pay.. All my pay r to her since she was the one who helped me pay first. Without her, i tink i wouldnt get to shop at all. After the pay collection, i cabbed down to look for gf valerie.. Its been so long since we last went out. N our usual meet up will definitely be city plaza. Didnt buy anyting there at all after browsing all levels, 8pm, we drove down to bugis to meet my gf fang n also G for dinner. Had it at siam kitchen. 930pm, valerie's bf came over to pick her up, while G drove us down to chevron's chalet to celebrate zylia's 21st birthday. I make a mistake over all the dates. Kept remembering its sat. So i actually left her present at hm. Thanks fang gf for accompanying me down the chalet:)) love ya!! Left the place at around 1130pm n home after that.. 1/7-- Birthday celebration in a row!! Third day-- work for breadtalk promo again with jo, ariel, yvonne, terence and xavier. We were paired up to do the awareness for their promo. Before the event, vivian came n pick me up at chinese garden n i accompanied her down to fareast to run some errands. Thanks girl:)) Enjoy working for breadtalk as their welfare was consider good:) love the outfits that they sponsored us too. the skirt n even guy's shirt was quite pricey too.. Saw zhang dong liang's autograph session at heeren while having our breaks. Met shirley my sec schoolmate when im at centrept. Worked till 5pm and we changed out to our own attire. Waited for G n audrey dear to arrive at cine. Drove down to PS for ichiban sushi and the free movie-- obsessed!! Right after movie, we headed down to PH. G asked me n audrey to alight first while he went to find parking lots. Its lawrence's birthday today.. N not to forget chris birthday too. Saw many familiar faces there such as jasmine, aaron, charlotte, shawn, cindy etc.. Got home by 3am.

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