Friday, July 24, 2009

part 2

18/7 Sat-- I was at home singing karaoke with bro winston when my darling called me in the noon suddenly. Only then i realise that we were supposed to meet tommy n chris they all today to go PH. After finish watching one episode of boys over flower, i went to shower n had my dinner. Around 845pm, gallen came over n pick me up n we were off to bugis to pick audrey n her friends too. BY 930pm, we were aredi at PH. PH with the same clicks as usual. tommy, chris, gallen, audrey, haiyan n jill. Left at around 1am. supper after that. sun-- Early in the morning, i woke up n acc mummy to the hair salon. Just nice, i also wish to give my hair a new color. This time round, i asked for a darker color.. It took roughly 2hrs to finish with the dyeing of hair before we left. Brought a new demi vest n i immediately wore it home. Went out for lunch with my parents, before its time for cycling!! east coast park cycling with gallen n audrey. Spent nearly 2 hrs to cycle even when it pours.. After the session, we drove down to bugis to check out the new nokia n97 phone which audrey wanted to buy. Happened to see hk artiste at bugis too:) Star Tour 09 @ Bugis Junction

steamboat buffet with audrey, gallen, jill n her bf at bugis. MOn-- its girl's talk and chilling out session. Did some catching up with my friend cheryl n jermaine. Its been months since we last met. Had our dinner at Kenny Rogers. Then we find a quiet place to chill after that n just have a small talk. A drove over to have a short catch up session with me too when i got home. Tues-- got a morning call frm A to wake me up for work. Report to office today n have a fun working day with my colleagues. We chit chatted while working. dURING lunch time, We had a light lunch plus fruits. Thats y we felt hungry after a few hours. JUst then, edi's friend were at ions so he actually walked over to acc us to buy sushi. I bought sour sweets as to make myself more awake. Knocked off at 7pm n i rushed down to JP to meet my gf chanel after so long long time of nt catching up. Finially get to see her:)) Initially we supposed to meet at town to chill, bt she woke up super late. Anyway we still had a fun time chilling n chatting..:)) Had our full dinner at dian xiao er cuz gf is craving for her roast duck:) haa!! So in total we order 1 to 5 sets for 2 pax which cost us over 40 over. But 2 person how to finish 3 dishes plus one soup? last picture at the bottom show evidence of unfinished food. lol~~ doesnt it seemed more like the food is untouched?:) After dinner, we took a stroll around jp until i suggested going to jurong safra.

see this? Thats the cute macaroon that chanel bought when it catches her eyes!!:)) My first time playing lan with gf. We played l4d. Both of us were complaining of giddiness due to the staring at the screen for too long. lol!! Got home by 1130pm. Enjoy myself alot! Lets catch up soon dear once again!!=D misses~ Tml will be the solar eclipes time. It only happened once wed-- mood swing today n the rain makes me feel so moody. Simply dont feel like doing anything but just to slack at hm. Called darling n i make so much ranting to her that im bored n feeling down. Thanks for being my listener!! :)) Hopefully my mood will turns better after today:)) Meeting dearest audrey again for chill!! Got home by 2am when gallen drove us both back due to us having to wake up early in the morning for school!~

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