Sunday, July 5, 2009

Great shopping spree on saturday!!

Internet is giving problems to me today.. The connection was so slow that i had a hard time connecting to any sites~ argh!

Monday blues!! july 06 2009 I was awaken early in the morning by the cough. It makes me feel so uncomfortable. Couldnt even sleep soundly at all. Had porridge as my brunch with only light soy sauce? So terrible right? No choice. Thats the only food i can eat for nw till i recover:(. Anyway, the medicine that doct prescribed to me few days ago dont work at all. So i actually took a day leave today n went to the clinic for a change of medicine. This time round they didn charge my consultation fees. Doct gave me new n stronger med.. Hopefully i can recover asap. Also, i got a one day MC.. i want my voice back!!~ Sth happier to share...

Did some shopping with Joanne ger yesterday. :D We had Lunch at Taka’s Crystal Jade after looking for her hubby who was working at the jewel fest. We ordered one plate of prawn dumpling, steamed chicken noodles, while she ordered porridge. Not to forget our dessert too:)) yummy yum yum!! AFter lunch, off to Far East to do some shopping therapy. We bought the same top upon having further discount for 3 pieces. Less then 1hour we spend $100 each. haha. indeed shopping queen! Its girl’s favourite~

Not long after, Shawn and Guoxiang came over to look for us. Accompany them for their lunch and we carry on shopping. Bought two pairs of wedges while joanna bought her flats. Haa!! Got reason behind one:))

At bout 5pm, amanda came over to look for joanne n we walked her over to taka for her waxing session before accompanying joanne again to go look for shawn and get her laptop repaired.

Her mother came down awhile later and meet us at cineleisure.

2 Business Man.... while shawn seemed like studying.. looking so serious. lol~ At around 630pm, fang darling n chris came down to look for me at cine as i’ve agreed to meet chris for dinner already. We had billy bomber’s while chatting. AFter dinner, chris left n its billiard time. I bumped into yuting n also dennis, my poly classmate at cine.. So co-incidence esp yuting. I just met her up on wed to collect the eyelashes from her… :)

We took the lift up to the pool room where joanne n guoxiang was the one playing, while we were their spectators. Haha:)) Her mum seemed to know how to play too:)

On the other hand, Fang darling, shawn n I were busy with our photo hunt game. haha~~

Dinner time for joanne... still Crystal Jade porridge... I had porridge for the past 2 days too. Damn sick of it~~ But still, i shared one bowl of plain porridge with gf.

She’s busy calling her friends to help me check on the location~

After late dinner, I saw nick who was waiting for me outside so i asked him to join us for tonight’s programme!!:)

From taka, we walked back to cine again after kenny knocked off cuz they r all going for lan’s game later. I cant joined as tonight’s program is partly organised by me aredi. Idea came from audrey dear:)) I reserved the room already so have to proceed with the plan.

Called G to go down n pick audrey up from don’s place before he came over to cine to pick me, fang n nick. We r going to chevron for kbox!!:)) Opened for member only during weekends! So hard to reserve at all when its aredi fully booked.. Thanks to shawn for the card~~:D

Tommy n chris came n joined us at a later timing as well… My 2 gfs r really good in songs lor.. Haha. cant tell. I even believe that they dont listen to chinese songs much one. Nv expect that they know more new songs than me lor. haha!! The 2 by2 songs that i just uploaded in my music playlist r recommended by them:)) nice!!

Sang from 12.10am till it closed. At around 3am, everyone bid goodbye while my darling audrey was hungry, so G drove us to bukit timah for supper:) Had roti prata but i cant really finish it due to no appetite:(

Overall, i enjoyed today’s outing!! Its of so much fun. Thanks to all my friends!! I love u all~~ Hoping for more to come:))

Sunday—I had a terrible day today. Woke up in the noon n i found myself with no voice. Cant speak at all that i got to use hand signal to convey the message across to daddy n mummy. Had plain porridge once again prepared by daddy. Mummy specially cooked light meals for me as dinner today. She even went to buy me pi pa gao n the herbal sweets. Boiled the herbal tea for me. Thanks!! i felt so blessed!! Hopefully can regain my voice soon n cough pls go away~~

Dearest friends, pls text me if there is anyting k? Cus i cant hardly speak now.. Very difficult. Sob sob~~

in love with this songs now. Music can makes one mood going...

The lyric reminds me of someone 2 yrs ago. 我很想你你知道嗎? 如果可以就讓我再見你. I miss u so much, do u know that . Wo hen xiang ni ni zhe dao ma. If we can turn back time, i would have stop u from leaving... :'(

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